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Intelligent Traffic Management System

The team has experience in installing, operating and maintaining India’s longest working ITMS system in Ahmedabad. Some of the features of the system are described below :

ITMS is comprising of following distinct application areas :

  • Automated Fare Collection System
  • GPS based Fleet Monitoring System
  • Vehicle Scheduling & Dispatch System
  • Passenger Information System
  • Financial Management System / Central Clearing House System
  • Depot Management System

Automated Fare Collection System :

  • The Automated Fare Collection system is driven by a Central Computing environment
  • which enables the devices and applications to exchange information based on the
  • operational requirements. The components that are used to perform various functions
  • are described below :
  • Station ticket terminal
  • Internet based ticketing
  • Dealer/ Agent based ticket sale system
  • Smart Card/ RFID Single Journey Coins
  • Bus Card Validator
  • Bulk Initialization Machine
  • Card Personalization Device
  • Flap Barrier

Station ticket terminal, Bus Card Validator, Access Control System (Flap Entry and Exit Barriers) act as the primary sources for fare collection. Smart Cards / Tokens facilitate users to pay for the travel using above devices and the smart cards/Tokens are made available for dispensing after the cards have been initialized by BIM and CPD.

The fare collection and authentication devices as mentioned above communicates with Central Computing environment and Bus Terminal Management System based on the operational requirements.

Smart card system is envisaged to have following characteristics :

  • One time issue multiple usage
  • Recharge remotely through following modes:
  • Internet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Dealer Recharge
  • At ticket counters


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