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Vehicle Tracking System Installation

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We are second to none in rendering Vehicle Tracking System Installation Services from Karnataka, India. Our team has developed embedded system products. They are Vehicle Tracking devices, which have various features and are useful in fleet management systems. The tracking devices come with advanced features. It also includes Vehicle Tracking System, a GPS based tracking system to track and help manage the vehicle through a Map based application. Clients can obtain the Vehicle Tracking System Installation services at affordable rates from us.

The devices have been developed looking into the need of companies for managing their fleet of vehicles. These tracking devices analyze multiple fleets’ business profitability and show the performance of a group of vehicles or individual vehicle to help arrive at quick business decisions. Apart from the real-time tracking using GPRS communication, the application manages various routes and trips, brings out the key patterns of vehicle usage, maintenance, mapped behaviour patterns and provides help to take key decision to enhance the performance of the fleet. Escalations in terms of SMS alerts for any predefined events or conditions is available. Moreover, this application has well-defined interfaces to get integrated into any ERP or business application of the enterprise to maintain consistency of data across the organization. The application is easily customizable for School Bus fleets, Transport Bus fleets, Radio Taxi services, Ambulance services, City auto/taxi services and individual vehicles. The Customers would need a computer with an internet connection to download the application and start using it anywhere anytime! The performance of the application is many times faster than normal web-based applications available with other systems. Even when the normal internet connection is not available, the reports based on the historic data is available offline. For more details, please enquire

Embedded systems span all aspects of modern life and there are many examples of their use. Automatic Vehicle Tracking System (AVTS) is a web based solution which is developed and deployed using state-of-art technology with appropriate Authentication & Authorization methodologies & open standards. Automatic Vehicle Tracking System / Software (Automatic Vehicle Location System -AVLS) allows the Department to track, trace and monitor their vehicles in real time using GSM/GPRS technology. It sends the location address to a central server at a pre defined interval. It also sends alerts to the computer or to a mobile phone whenever an exceptional event has occurred such as erratic vehicle movements, excessive speeding etc.

Features :

  • Automatic Vehicle Tracking system / Software (Automatic Vehicle Location System - AVLS) combines Internet technology, GPS and terrestrial networks such as GSM/ GPRS.
  • The device fitted in the vehicle has a built in GPS receiver determines the vehicle location, traveling speed, direction etc.,
  • The device sends the data via GSM/GPRS wireless network to the Vehicle Tracking Application.
  • If there is no network coverage, the data is stored locally and sends when the network is established.
  • The GPS data sent by the device is stored in a secured database of Vehicle Tracking application.
  • The data stored in the application is disseminated to all the stake holders depending their roles.
  • Managers can generate reports, analyze data, replay the route travelled by the vehicle on a map for efficient management of vehicles.
  • VTS (Automatic Vehicle Location System - AVLS) is capable of using either GPRS or SMS communication modes. GPRS is primary communication mode, but in case if GPRS connectivity is lost, then there will be automatic fall back on GSM based SMS.
  • These GPS based tracking devices are also Bluetooth products, automotive multimedia products research, development and production. These devices are most reliable and produced in a modern plant and with the help of advanced production equipment, with not only a high quality, highly educated, professional GPS, Bluetooth hardware and software development engineering team, but also a high-quality marketing team. The Company Adopts the international advanced level of GPS core technology, and gradually formed GPS hardware and software development, production, sales,operations and service standard systems.

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